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  • We have truly enjoyed having Music Together® in our lives for the past six years. It has been a pleasure!
  • It was a geat session. Songs were very goo and easy to sing along to.
  • My son has Down Syndrome. He loves music and has grown in his interactions in the class with the music and with his peers. Ms. LauraLee includes some sign language as we sing and he has picked up some too.
  • Great program! My daughter asks everyday if it's music class day!
  • We love Music Together! My daughter listens to the CD everyday at home. She asks for them; she dances and likes to listen in the van too! Thank you. These classes have really helped her.
  • We love it! Kids so look forward to the time singing the songs - at home and in the car. A great thing to do together.
  • Excellent experience for our children and great socialization/music opportunity.
  • We had a great time! My son loved all the songs and I can tell he learned rhythm and tempo. He learned the words to songs and we'd sing them together in the car or grocery. Very great experience! My son sang these songs aound the house and clearly enjoyed himself. I can see his musical development positively affecting his confidence in other areas of his life.
  • Music Together is AMAZING! My son really enjoyed class and learned many new songs. It inspired him to be more musical at home. We even purchased similar insturments! 
  • Music class is truly the highlight of our week!
  • We love coming to Music Together!
  • We love Ms. LauraLee!
  • Wonderful experience! Accomodating to schedule changes. Pleasant teachers and overall awesome experience for me and my daughter.
  • It is always a wonderful experience!
  • Great social interaction beyond just music. Good for sharing!
  • Great time. Great teachers.
  • Great experience! Really noticed growth!
  • Thank you. We enjoyed it!
  • Thank you for such a great program.
  • Thank you Ms. Amanda!
  • Fabulous, as always, but the songs were especially good this semester.
  • We love it!
  • I can see how much my daughter has learned and grown in terms of singing along, following routines in class and following rhythms and notes.
  • Music Together is a joy of a program. I am so glad to be able to experience it.
  • It was enjoyable. I could tell he had fun with everything. It is definatley worth coming back. I even recommended this to some mothers not from aroung here.
  • My third child is going thru Music Together and he enjoys it very much. Great social interaction.  He loves and sings the songs at home.


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